Types of information systems

By the term ‘information system’ people usually understand only databases and they use these both terms as synonyms, but actually it includes lot wider range of data storage and usage. Nowadays information systems are widely used, so there is a quite a big chance you will have to deal with them sooner or later. If so, it is important to know what exactly they are. So let’s take a closer look at many types of information systems and usage of them.

Before computers became a part of everyday life, there was quite simple division of information systems. Basically that was divided into four sections or levels – transaction processing systems, management information systems, decision support systems and executive information systems. Usually these systems were displayed as a pyramid, because they were ordered by hierarchy. Nowadays this model doesn’t work anymore, because information systems has developed dramatically and there are many new types of information systems, that are being used lot more widely than those mentioned above.

One of the most popular and widely used information systems is web search engines. Those are computerized search systems used for information searching in the internet. Nowadays search engines have many subtypes itself, but all have the same working principles – user enters keywords and search criteria and system offer many results. These results are found by special algorithm. Most popular search engine that most of us have used many times is Google, but there are also many others.

Most of the entrepreneurs probably have used such information system us data warehouse. That is system which is used for data storage and analyses. They are widely used to collect all kind of data and later compare them to previous periods. They can be either manual or computerized, but nowadays computerized versions are lot more popular.

Something similar is resource planning system. These types of systems also are used by entrepreneurs. This system consists of all kind of data from enterprise activities such as product planning, resources, manufacturing, sales, marketing etc. Also these systems are used to optimize enterprise activities and nowadays they usually are fully computerized.

Geographic information systems are used to storage all kind of geographical data. This is very wide type of information systems, because it has many subtypes and ways of usage. All kind of geographical aspects can be explored and recorded and also they can be used for many reasons, so this type of information systems cannot me definite so easily.

There are also lots of other modern and widely used types of information systems such as global information systems, enterprise automation systems, personal information systems etc. Broadly speaking information system is any organized system of information, not only digital data storage.